Moscow - The war of the vaccine seems has reveled somehow traces of an evidence of what in many think, but nobody dare to talking or saying anything about despite the fact that everyday more and more, this races between super-power and Big-Farm looks like a proper New Cold War with this time the principal candidates are not anymore an ideological and political motivation in place like what was the SSSR, indeed, the Russia of the new Tsar, Vladimir Putin, with his strong cure of his image in any particular does in a sense to recalling past memories of we all did have a perception that, by now, all that was behind us while, instead, the opposite seems the truth.

In all honesty, if it is true that history is written by the winners, than, the Dux was not the exactly man that the rewritten history has painted about him and his fascist ideology.

NOTE: "In fact, it was not of his intention to make the Fascism something cruel an horrible has instead the Nazism did became in a sort of brutal copy of the true and very first version of the fascism which was born out of a rib of the socialism (let's not forget that Mussolini was a first a socialist and created the Italian's newspapers, the Avanti, a socialist newspaper that has arrived, surprise .... surprise, till our days after more than a century of life by keeping the red flag of the left wing still stacked on the newspapers name and political ideology but all this was not possible without the so much lynched, Benito Mussolini, which was his creator and first editor plus the very first director."

However, to be back to our story, it is also true, that this Russia of Vladimir Putin does not seems too much painted of red socialism but seems to converging forward the right wing and with his solid command, the strong hold of oil and the oligarchic given by the monopoly over the gas and the two decades of power as leader undisputed and that is a long time that nobody even out the ex Soviet Union never hit such success.

However, with the elections at the doors in Russia, it will give a definitive and unanimous consensus to a solid leadership to be holding by Putin, of course, if he managing to pass also this another exam, only then none may be possible have anymore any doubt about his power, instead, it can be called to a definitive affirmation of his supremacy and keep the symbolic (but not too much only symbolic after all) of the Russian Tsar and starting take in account the Russia as the new World Super-Power at same level if not a bit high compared to China while the USA seems lost ground, despite the refresh brought by the neo-elected President the democratic Biden, in what seems a serious rift in the socio-political fabric but only the time will tell if such fracture will be healed. 

In the main time the world still experiences the war against the pandemic that at moment still bring a negative data all around the world in number of deaths despite the vaccines and almost caused by the ability of the virus to mutating.

An speaking of the vaccines, other than the war at the virus has has increasingly taken on the contours of a dress rehearsal of a New Cold War in a three-way game this time with China and USA to keep company to the new Russia ...

To be continued ...

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