Mr. LMC is the founder the LMC Enterprise operating since 2008. The company was included a Laboratory, a Health Care Services, Casinos and online website. His great skill in marketing management has made possible the creation of!


Kairo is our Webmaster and web designer. The looks and the beautiful graphic of our website is fruit of his great creativity and vision. He also got a great knowledge on politics due his role of political activist and member of an important party. He's pull the ship here.


Charlie is a retired man with the hobby to draw and his drawing, even if weren't make his living, are somehow exactly what we were looking for a good pencil for anything were come out the brilliant mind of our political expert to create a political satire . Thanks mate to be with us!


Ciro the brilliant sharp mind behind the dirty world of politics. A family tradition guy, had as a master his dad one of the best and most appreciate, in the far away by now, 70s political world. What he learns from his dad showing how good was that man.


Kaino, specialize in a organize crimes especially in the Italians syndicate as he is a former undercover cop. There isnít any need to say anything else, as you will manage by yourself to understand the knowledge and the privilege we got to have him with us!

illucido ITALIA

Kiro is the organizer and director of the entire illucido-website ITALIA. It was his idea about the logos of our site and also it was his genial idea to dedicated different sites to different arguments in a separate design. He was also, one of the foundation of our site.


Ciro is also our senior Blogger with  articles  published around the web and cross the social media with interests  followers. Unfortunately, what's cannot keeping update his own Blog and that's one of the things of the life that he like is keeping changing his hears! lol


Attil or as he like Attila, here we got a new talented young blogger, maybe one of the youngest skilled blogger around at moment. Meet our very youngest blogger that will take care of many interesting arguments and matters in the world of young peoples. BLOG HERE

P. R.

Natasha does take care of our Public Relations but she also sometime like writing something due here degree in Social Science and because her passion for journalism. She met our CEO in London where they started worked together with the LMC Enterprise Company.


As any company that's count, LMC Enterprise has their Legal Advisers a Legal Representation in an Italian Firms based in the area of Milan, in the north of the country. This is only as informative introductions and it hasn't the value of an advertise forward the Firm. Thank you!
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