This is Welcome to our website! .. Site no-profit for a clean and better world!
Whatís means our words? Ö and what is our means and desires to archive by have this website?
Well, to start maybe the most obviously and simply answer about our name, il Lucido" why we choice it and what it may possible means.
It wasn't easy to choice an appropriate name for a site that's a bit out the usual schemes as our site isn't represent a company or firm, it isn't a newspapers online but at same time is a bit of everything together, as we are trying, in the best of our possibility, to analyzing facts, news, matters of various nature and different argumentations on what's going on around us and more.
That's why il lucido (from the Latin "Illucidum"), because it has different means at same time and it can be use on what ever is the matter we are dealing time by time. In fact our name means, Shiny, smooth, bright (like the light that evince the darkness) stylish, brilliant, sparkling and in one word clean and clear!
So, our messages we would like lunch and share here are simple things likes a vision of a simply respect to the planet that host all our mankind, and any other form of live of any kind on it, that' also the minimum requirement for a such incredible and unbelievable gift that we have been given by Gods, by chances or by an well architect design but it really doesnít matter when we face something of an unbelievable and incredible beauty that's all around us, here on the earth or high in the sky!
Unfortunately, not everyone on this world has the same feels and vision thatís much what we see here by continue avoid to take care of our awesome home due unfortunate ignorance or, worst, with consciousness and deliberate neglects Ö Thatís the shame and the horror that strike, like a sword straight in our heart, our feels and emotions when we see our same mankind perpetuating and continuously carrying on in an evil and brutal desire to create fatality, death and destructions!
We arenít going to change the world, simply because we havenít the power but, like that little light that does burning slowly in the dark, we will continue lunching screams of hopes to the hearts of the peoples!

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