Hello, if you are here means that you are one of the few that decide to don't barring your head in the sand and pretend that all you see around you and everything been told by the media, doesn't feel right in your guts and you decide to search in the messy jungle of the online world, something or some different news out the choir of the media manipulation by the lobby, or, whoever move the strings of our world. Well, without arrogances and due the high numbers of arrests due research in a "forbidden" area and by the many time our site has been shout done by the FBI, police without count the threats received with regular methodical harmony every day, I can reassure you that if it's true that something out there isn't right, all those events happening to this place means only one thing we are on the right path to the real world of the red pill and you are in the right place to hear something a bit different from the some annoying music. Enjoy the visit to the site but come back because my music hasn't ended!
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