Dr Li Wenliang

China - Li Wenliang was the Chinese Doctor specialized at Whuan Central Hospital and the whistleblower about the COVID-19, or better know as Coronavirus, who on the end of December 2019 tried to warned the international medical community about the discovery of the sever disease which affecting the respiratory system in the Human Being and accord his accurate researched he was trying to warning the entire WHO about the danger and imminent treating of an outbreak of the virus he did isolated. Instead he was threaten by the Chinese authority very badly to an extend to shut-up and come back to work or he was going to pay a severe penalty. He died on the 7th February 2020 after to been infection with the COVID-19 [or Coronavirus] ...

To him, to his family and friends go all our condolence and our admiration for what we are considering an


Doctor Li Wenliang 12 October 1986 - 7 February 2020


Thanks for give up your life for the sake of humanity!


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