Every week I will bring to you a different reports about societies, politics, finances, criminal activities and everything struck the memento. I am keeping try to do my best; I will not bother to deal with the daily news, unless it's of some relevance, as there are much better journalists and networks which have more competences, people and tools plus accessibility to many resources, so, I will dedicated my time on arguments which require time to do accurate researches backed-up with evidences. I would like to delivery a product free from political influence and speculations of any kind. I will try my very best in the limits of my skills to delivery to you the best outcome of truth about our global issues. I will not make-up some narrative just for the sake of write an article to attract visitors, I don't see the point. You will find, eventually, some fantasy narrative but only in my books. I really hope I can make coming true my promises by delivery to you at some standard quality reports out of a good investigative journalism!
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