Thursday 8th June 2017

United Kingdom General Election

Right about one year late the historical EU Referendum where peoples of Britain were called to decide the future of the UK as part of European Union with the results that's by now almost know as the decision (even for small difference of about 1 millions of votes where the leave won the referendum with a 52% vs 48% that voted to remain) with the name of BREXIT that's matter what, will be eco for ever in the books of history in UK as in the world with consequences that at today aren't still unknown as the unprecedented situation and an unpredictable results. Our PM, Theresa May when by general surprise, called for the General Election, many peoples thought that it was a strategically move to pull back to what was seems a difficult negotiations head with Brussels and their EU representatives, then, the most optimists politician's analyst 
have learned after the local election of last week where the 
Conservative Party has simply, smooched down all the most optimistic politician opponent with an unprecedented winner by destroyed all the rest of the parties that lost seats and candidates all over the local place where the election where take down and by given a strong message by made clear why she called for General Election three years earlier. It was just a wish to have a strong hold when the time come to dealing with EU about Brexit by confidence of winning without any possible outcome surprise without instead have the wish to lose and have an excuse to back with a dignity and clean face but unfortunately, our analyst (but not just us) have read the all lot in a wrong way and, again, unfortunately, against what's almost the wish of many EU Citizen that are leaving in UK to have finally those reassurance that a civilized and fair country will do instead, they need still suffering with depression and anxiety, see their family affected by the pressure put on them and still not sleep in the night and wait for the best with the Damocles sword still hang on their heads!
The disappearance of the UKIP from the face of UK land from the results of last week local election may be, maybe, the only consolation with the party that has simply be reaped off by lose almost all the seats but their votes has probably increase the strengths of the Tory by giving to them their votes and as seems, it's still bad!
The Electoral campaign has started come in the core for all the Parties traveling all cross the Country to spread their voice and more important to collecting votes. Our aim is to try to stay as much possible impartial, delivery the right and seconded possible to be able to give you the possibility to see and choice what's best for all the peoples of Britain and the millions of EU Citizen living, working and have made root with family and children in a land that was the rampart of democracy, righteous and fairly country!
We will fallowing all the outcome news and more, so, please stay turned as more stories and information will come available as soon we got them ... see you soon!
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