The Russian Revolution dated 1917 make just one hundreds years!
The Russian Revolution was a series of revolutions in Russia in 1917 which terminated the Tsarist autocracy and states the rise of the Soviet Union that has dominated the world political scenario for about almost 3/4 of last century. Lenin (picture above) made to became possible an utopist idea of Communism (or Marxism from the name of the creator Karl Marx in his Manifest) that created the great Soviet Union lasted till the early 90s when the ideology failed together with the superpower USSR.
The Soviet Union was one of the two superpower, together with the U.S.A., responsible for the cold war and the realistic threat of a nuclear apocalypse that held in fear, about a catastrophic nuclear war, the entire world for almost last century.
The Soviet Union has lunched a satellite, the Sputnik, and the first man for the first time in the space even if in the end the raise for the conquest of the Space was finally won by the US with the Apollo program that made possible to send the man on the Moon. Also, the USSR space program included the first animal in the space, the dog Laika with the Sputnik 2, the satellite Moon1 and Moon2 with the first image from the dark side of the Moon and the first women in the space together with the program Venus with the lunch and first ever image from the Earth sister Venus. For details find out more HERE.
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