Dear Visitor,

Sorry, this isn't a welcome page or about us, these matters will be take care in an appropriate way threw your visit to our site, instead, I am here, of course to welcome you before all, but almost to explain, or better, to clarify just couple points you may find confusing about this site when you spot banners alone your visit here at illucido-website!

So, why the banners, why Amazon if this is a no-profit site as, many of you know by now that banners means profit, right?

Well, let me explain to you in very few words before I let you go enjoy your visit on our site!

Let's starting with the very few banners, and as said, them are really few and aren't for profit but to help peoples, (in the case of charities ones) and to help friends which are struggling or just need more support in terms of visibility, specially, in this moment of difficulty for our society and for the economies of many other countries, if not all but with such assumption I will only archive what we are fight against here, panic and instability, financially and politically for all most parts of our world, which we choice to bond and not to divide to become all one family and not one against another, brother against brother and father against his children, a global family (the social media is an example on how the world has became small due the easy connections we can make to everyone doesn't matter the distances separate us from each other), what our father have died for and what we decide to defend against the ones try to destroy, as a legacy for the future generations.

Then, why Amazon?

Again, we all need to shopping and these days, almost 505 of the world families shopping online and between the jungle of opportunists and jackals (of course there are so many genuine business around the web), I have personally decide to promote Amazon on my personal experience.

I am talking here as one of us all, a consumer, which do like to be safe when shopping online and to be trust in the one we repose our trust, so, Amazon is the online retail I have been personally used for years and, with all respect to all the other honest and respectable retails online, I can only share, for sure, my experience with them, Amazon, as they have never let me down in terms of products, support and their words in each sectors from the delivery to the quality and safety of their shipping.

So, here we are, I choice to allowed Amazon to have space on my site not for profit but for trust I have gained from them and for those reasons, I decide to share my trust with you by let you know, that, Amazon is safe, secure and respectfully and I have, based on such important principle, to have links to their online retail, because in the end of the day, almost half of the world population with an internet access, these days shopping online and Amazon is the one is allowed to have my bless due the many years of business I done myself with them as a consumer.

However, on the top of request for donation to some charities, (NOTE: this site has dedicated an entire page to allowed you to see what they do to help the people in need and why I decide to have them aboard here on my site), you will also find a button about free donations to our site.

Unfortunately, and against our wish and will, we had to compromise to decide to don't have commercial banner and financial support from other companies and firms but to allowed to this site to stay open we need some sort of help, as, to stay online this site has some costs because is an independent site, designed by myself and with domain and host to pay each month, So, even if we have prefer to don't have to ask anything to our visitors, it has became vital for our own surviving to continue to operate and stay online to delivery you what we have promised from the first moment, a better and fair, clean world free from lies and from political orientation and influence.

Thanks for your understanding and in the wish you like and enjoy our site

I will conceding myself from you by wish you all the best ...

Your Faithfully

Lvcidvm [The Webmaster]

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