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Why this then? The reason we have chosen to welcome you in such an anguish way is only because this is what's all about illucido.com as we would like to remained you that this world, our world, our planet, our house and in it, the society that we created for ourselves to live in, hasn't change at all despite the harsh lessons from our history that should have been a lesson to us and should stamped in our memories our mistakes and the horrors we are capable off. All that's to allowed us to do not make the same mistakes over and over again but, instead, unfortunately, we cannot resist to forget the lessons and we still are making the same mistakes like, wars, hatred and to forget that we are all the same mankind despite the color of our skin, the language we speaking and the Gods we are believing.
Unfortunately, by now, the only thing that has change is the design and color of the uniforms of the armies, the Nations involved in the same mistakes the man in the pictures above represented for his time and the power of the weapon we manage to make more deadly possible but, how about "learning? 
I am afraid, not any has learn but  once at year, when we are wearing a poppies on our jacket for few days we pretend to fixing it all ...
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Wars in Africa that are going on for decades (see the civil war in Sudan for example), revolutions to removal evil Dictators and realizing that the chaos that following the empty space in power is worst then before (like for example the Arabic Spring was a massive mess) lets not talking about the middle-east mess.
Least but not last, we got a House of Cards but not the famous and awarded TV Series but in real life right now happening in the White House while in the main time, the reality has passed off the fantasy!
Then, in all this mess, come our site to try to have a voice over the lobbies of the power in control over the medias or the social media tram-tram of conspiracies theories and stuff like that make most of the online material a fake news and made-up rumors only good to creating confusion in peoples.
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