Dear Visitor, don't worry, this isn't a pop-up of any kind or some redirect link but it is still illucido.com, our site!
The reason we choice to welcome you in such anguish way is only because we would like to remained you that this world, our world, our planet our house and with it, the society that we created to living in, hasn't change at all despite the fact that history should teaching and should stacked in our memories to allowed us to do not make the same mistakes over and over again while, instead, seems that we cannot resist to forget to keeping making the same mistakes like, wars, hatred and to forget that we are all the same mankind despite the color of our skin, the language we speaking and the Gods we are believing.
Unfortunately, by now, the only thing that has change is the design and color of the uniforms, the Nations involved in the same mistakes the man in the pictures above represented at his time and the power of the weapon engaged but, about "learning anything"?! 
I am afraid its absolutely zero, apart, once at year, wearing a poppies on our jacket for few days before go to back to hated and be jealous of our neighbors.
How about refresh our memories HERE? I think it will be a good exercise!
Wars in Africa that are going on for decades (see the civil war in Sudan for example), revolution to removal evil Dictators just to realize that the chaos that following is worst then before but the so called "peacemakers" still blowing on the fire, by hide their hands (like for example the Arabic Spring) or more complexes like the Middle-East crisis were, that, seem unrealistically to be have a quick solution as to many matters to take care but we manage to archive one great thing, the massive and big exodus that our civilizations have never see.
Least but not last, we got a House of Cards but not as famous and awarded TV Series but in real life right now happening in the White House while in the main time, in the world, the reality has passed off the fantasy!
Then, in all this mess, come our site to try to have a voice over the lobbies of the power and try to stay up as long possible to try to do not join the choir of the social media tram-tram of conspiracies theories and stuff like that make most of the online material a fake news and made-up rumors but our site will try to stay a step out all that and try to give a review over some news without the censures likes some owners/billionaires owners of medias.
Our site is a no-profit website specialize in geopolitical, organized crime general politic, economy and finance with the aim to helps for charities are fighting daily with their army of volunteers in the wish to help the weak, the poor and the one in need! Charities HERE!
Thanks for visiting us we hope you will find interesting  our site, while we will trying our best to try to update the site in our best possibility and ability with regularity. Thank you! Regards
il Lucido

NOTE: We condemn the Evil!:

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