Letís clarify, before all, that the virus which is responsible for this  pandemic is a Sars-Cod-2 also called as COVID-19. The CORONAVIRUS is the family of this new pathogen and deadly virus with an incredible capacity to be infective and to be easily spread in no-time.

Itís middle October 2019 when our source in middle-east warning us about something very badly and extremely big was going under detected and cover-up in China we made a mistake to donít give too much attentions as we were put our attention in that area of the world, and in particular, in Iraq where we were learning about a possibility of the constructions by some US Army or close bodies, of laboratory to manufacturing methamphetamines in form of crystal - meth (or Ice as you prefer) to infecting the Iraqi population with the excuse to create high addicts there to avoid them to fight vs the force of occupation. We follow that path after a whistleblower give us the opportunity to get the hands on some scoop while the entire world were concentrated on the eternal soap-opera Brexit which for a small website and freelancer investigative journalist and blogger like us, pretend to write and sell Brexit articles was the equivalent to decide to jump in a traffic-pack motorway on a Saturday sunny weekend.

We left our attention on this drugís story to following the new route, the silk-way to China because our source something big was going on there and it was worth to have a go to investigate. We were try to enter in contact with someone in China but we were always bang our head against a wall of misinformation and false leads till middle November when a friend of a friend of a friend get an info from a nurse in China, were some frenetic activity was alarming the nurse worry about a new Sars outbreak as one of the major hospital in Huwan was became strangely busy with patients coming in an excessive numbers by presenting symptoms Sars like infection. The confusion were mixed with the misinformation as the government was try to keep all silent with the hope to control the outbreak before the world will knew specially in the view of the imminent Chine New Yearís traditional celebrations which were attracting together with the millions of Chinese living abroad also tourists, or, for something else more severe.

Itís middle November when Li Wenliang, starting talking of a new type of Coronavirus, never saw before he was initial confused by the similarity with the Sars virus belonging to the family of the Coronavirus. He was threat and be told to keep his mouth shut and subsequently dismissed from his role at the Huwan Hospital accused of incompetence and to spread an unnecessary alarmism as the flow of patients keeping arriving to the Hospital were affect by a normal seasonal flu normal at this time of year as they all were present symptoms look likes the a normal flu, high temperature, cold, breathing difficult and sore throat.

NOTE: Doctor, Li Wenliang will consequently will declared dead by severe acute respiratory syndrome on the 7th of February 2020 after know as a new virus codiv-19. He was only 33 years old.

By now, letís finish the narrative which we all well know but just let keep in mind while you continue to read this article, the key points, the cover-up by the Chinese government in the very first time, expose the nurses and doctors in the hospital and delay the outbreak (maybe in the hope to managing to contain the outbreak itself) but why and what the Chinese (which I would like to remember you is a totalitarian country) were so worry about?

Whatís following is what we learn thanks to a research and crossing information which make a clear and final word on:

  • Whatís Covid-19?
  • Where it is coming from?
  • Why has been so massively high contagious?
  • Why seems have an independent intelligence by spare some host while kills others?

Letís back in 2013 when the Russians managing after try and re-trying to reach one of the large lake under 4km of ice-crust in Antarctica in the Vostok area (name given after an army ice-break Soviet ship in fact first discovered by Andrey Kapitsa between 1959-1964

NOTE: This story will be some material for a future report on our site, for now let's stay focus on Covid-19, so stay tuned.

The Vostok Lake is 250km long and 50km wide and 432m deep (you do the math about the volume of liter of water stand 500m under the sea level) was finally reached after few attempt where the drill was keeping go down in 2012 and reach the iced surface in 2013 for, finally, breach in the core in January 2015 when a sample of water was taken for the joy of the science as that lake has been isolated for about 15-25 million of years from the surface of Earth.

The water was keeping a bacteria whit an unknown DNA never saw before, in fact, this primordial cellular organism has only 86% of DNA or RNA that we know and a minimum of 90% is necessary to be recognized as a form of life as we know.

The bacteria were first send in France in 2018 to be clean and extract the microbes to be able to proper study the DNA and RNA. After been extract this new microbe, called W123-10, it was send to St. Petersburg for further study and at this point we lost the trace.

NOTE: Today the same scientific institute in St. Petersburg is working to create a vaccine against the codiv-19.

Also, we learn that the microbes are able to survive by find an organic host and the bacteria find in the water of the Vostok Lake, had all the right conditions for this microbes to survive and mutate in a virulent virus which, like other Coronavirus family virus can become infective by contact human-to-human, animal-to-human and human-to-animal after a tiger in a US zoo were found positive to the covid-19. Plus, seems, but this news isnít confirmed, that the covid-19 can been transmitted by via aero transmission just to an attachment to pollen or dust for example, which will explained why some peoples have been infected without any evidences to be in contact with infected people or asymptomatic ones.

NOTE: In the begin, the virus was survive minutes on a surface, then two hours to reach now 72 hours. So, maybe we will discovery even an high numbers of hours it can survive on a surface and thatís a bad news as you sneeze and a drop caught a dust or pollen particles and we leave with you the conclusion. Remember the virus is a microscopes organism and this one seems to have some sort of pattern or intelligence as you wish, capable to decide if kill or just stay in the host for a time which, we have learned, cannot be necessary be the same for everyone.

NOTE: In fact, that the new alien organism found in Antarctica has the entire requirement to be very close and similar to the covid-19.

However, how the pandemic started in China, at moment, can be only speculations, the only fact we got in hands is a strange coincidence as in 2015 win Whuan the most advanced laboratory for the study of pathogen agents and virulent bacteria, microbes and virus of course, in open the doors and started been operative, (exactly the epicenter of the pandemic another coincidence?). So, back to the pathogen find by the Russians in Antarctica and kept in St. Petersburg, would be possible and logical that a new form of life, incompatible (as described above) with any form of life know to us at these days, find in a lake isolated for millions of years from our world, can be send to the most advance laboratory in the world?

More and most important question is: 

  • let's assume that's exactly how the things has happened, 
  • let's assume for some reasons the Chinese in Whuan have isolated some deadly virus, never saw before (one only match with some virus like Sars it's the way it affect the being by bring to death by some severe acute respiratory syndrome or by cause pneumonia, how the virus has reach the Whuan Laboratory?
  • Or better, why the pathogen from St Petersburg went in China (we can only speculate unfortunately), and why been modify in what we know as the Covid-19?

NOTE: Let's don't forgot the hard work from Chinese authority to mask the outbreak even if were clear it was around already middle-end October 2019.

What a funny coincidence, isnít it?

One very last question, how the virus left the Whuan laboratory?

So, we leave to you the conclusion as we have just followed the virus but how, if, end up in Huwan laboratory for study or other purpose is unknown to us Ö


We are very sorry to disappointing many of you but at today, the 5G Network, the spy assassins, the world domination and other conspiracy theories cannot take in a consideration as a comparative reasons of this pandemic simple because there isn't any proofs or consistency in some stories. We would like to apologies to break this news but maybe in a near future many of your theories can come true but for now let's stick to reality and STAY SAFE! 

SPECIAL NOTE: This report is dedicated to our source in middle-east, the Sergeant Jane Hendersen, which has disappeared without leave trace, without her this report wasn't be able to been published.

P.S. The US Army denies the existence of the Sergeant. We hope she is somehow safe and disappeared for good reasons or at least we would like of her like that. Thanks Jane, we, at least, will miss you.

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