Marie Colvin                       

I will not spend to many words, it is not necessary as fact, and more important, history will have them written down as 'hero'!

Journalists, which in the silences or just neglecting of importance given, have give up their life in name of freedom expression and the 'truth'!


-       Iraia Alpi (+ Milian Hrovatin = cameramen)

-         Jan Kuciac (Slovacchia ref:- Viktoria Marinova)

-         Andy Rocchelli (killed in Ukraine)

-         Caruana Daphne Galizia

-         Mexico 10s of journalists are been killed in the total silence

-         150 Journalists are jailed (life sentence) in Turkey try to delivery the truth

-         Jamal Khashoggi (mysteriously disappeared in the Saudi Arabia embassy in Turkey) and then admitted to been killed, again, for the truth but which truth was he carry to be so dangerous for the geo-political world we living in these days?

-         Antonio Megalizzi killed in Strasburg (by Cherif Chekatt) for his passion and activisms on an ideology of freedom and human rights respect

 ... and the list can go for ever!!!

P.S. Many more are jailed or killed around the world as we speaking and more will be following the fatal deadly bloodthirsty against the truth and freedom of expression ...

NOTE: Weaklinks and co-founder Julian Assuage is another example, persecuted and framed for delivery to the eyes of the world the “truth”!


Last but not least, Marie Colvin's which, after survived to many 'truth battle', died, in Syria during a strike attack in the duty to delivery the reality of the victims and casualty of another absurd conflict in Syria.

War correspondent, has been well remember by Paul Corney in the book "Under the Wire by Paul Convoy [if you like know more about here with this book, please, click HERE " which also an inside and a great testimony of her works forward to her legacy to be not forgotten!

Thank you for everything you have done for us and for the freedom!


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