CINEMA - Usually I don't cover review about movies or to be treating anything concern or cover the Cinema industry as it isn't what this website is, almost, about, but, after listen, during the BBC New on Sunday night what an expert of cinema [I presume], the review he made about the movie, VENOM, which he didn't like and was a bit of disappointment in what was his expectation about the movie in all his aspects, I decide to have a go, take the opportunity and the excuse given to me by my son, a Marvel fan (as I was during my childhood and teenager's time even if I am still a great Marvel fun to be honest), to see the movie myself.

I was waiting for some sort of "fiasco" due the fact that the film wasn't covered by the Marvel Studios [Find more about Marvel Movies HERE], so, I was started to prepare myself for some boring and low cost movie, despite the fact that ODEON made a bit of effort by give out a special edition of a comics to everybody with a ticket to see the movie, then as the movie started I did decided to be not judgmental and tried to clear my mind to what were the reviews about it, and, with my great surprise, I was take out by the movie and enjoyed it from the start to the end, by then finally, to be very please to what I saw and for the money I spend.

Now, let's to be objective here, VENOM is a fictional comics character and not some sort of blockbuster billionaire movie where you aspect to watch and intrigue twisted story. The reality here, in VENOM, is what we were looking at, and I mean, something different, something out fantasy and not reality even if, in my modest opinion, the movie was even got a nice story-line and something like a life-lesson were nothing is granted and where anybody can fall down in life, in the inferno by reach the root bottom of society despite the great job or position you had (or having) at present.

Eddy Brock is a famous news - reporter for an important media network that finish to end from the glamour to an homeless and to me, here, there is an important message that we all should keep in mind that at any moment in our life we can find ourselves in trouble, without job, without a house, friends, girlfriend/boyfriend and more. So if that isn't enough, I don't see what else to be good enough in a comic movie related more then with a life message to us all!

The show was good, the story line didn't make me fall to sleep (as often happening when the movie is slow of boring) and the special effect were dignify of a more high standard reviewed movie.

Conclusion, I enjoy the movie in all his aspects, and, if you didn't see it, I advice to have a go if you like this type of movies and in the end you go home even not empty hands but with an exclusive comics for fee while it's already made for sell on eBay ...

Finally, what else to add ... ah, of course, enjoy the VENOM!!!


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