DAREDEVIL TV SERIES - The colossus of the television, NETFLIX has come out with the third season of Daredevil which I did presumed it was going to lose smart due the length (three season by now) but I was only influenced by my own judgment as I prefer movies because you will see a begin and an end without to wait a week, for TV Show, or keeping glued to the screen concern the modality of these networks which issue a full box set for a season, in most of the case, though. Plus, I am a MARVEL fans since I was child as in those times things were differently from the present days, there wasn't video-games, smart-phones, internet and all has come out with the digital era. So, my world was limited compare today kids and other then board-games, the comics was the most popular entertainment after the academic's education, of course. Because that, in a sense, I was afraid that stretching a character to do business shouldn't be a threat for what's done already good.

Well, I cannot be more wrong about that!

Indeed, the series was even, maybe and at my account, one of the best, very realistic (let's don't forgot we are in a fantasy world), DAREDEVIL never wear the red suit instead was all long the 13 episodes dressed with black normal clothes and boots, something we are wearing every-days and the story line was even more realistic to the actual reality, with corruption, the people in power, Kingpin for the occasion, and more ...

Finally, without give nothing out to spoil the view of the show for anyone hasn't see it, I would like to recommend this TV Series, of course if you like the genre, as it will not disappoint you, I am pretty sure about that! ... To watch the show you need have a NETFLIX account or get one, there is a 30 days free trial ... Find out more HERE !

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