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Everything you should been told about this virus but for some mysterious reasons nobody has never did. We will doing it on this site. 



This time as A Spotlight suggestions we are going for something out of the ordinary, a TV Series. We are truthfully aware this isn't the space for the cinema or entertainment matter but after be put to our attention this series (On air on Sky Atlantic at moment we writing is reach Serie Three) that's a bit a deja vu' if you are carefully enough to eliminated all the dramatizations to prevent the fluidity of the series and put your attentions on the background of a Berlin posted in the between the two World Wars of the 'XX Century' which will show, eventually, how really the events of that time brings to the raise of the Third Rich and of Adolf Hitler from the ruined of a Germany delaminated from the loss of the WWI and the collapse of the Stock Market which was bring the world on the great recession of the 1929. Season One and Two is almost an introduction for what's the clue in season three where misleads, injustices, misinformation, cover-up and intrigues of the palace, will bring you straight forward to the real raise of the Nazism. Look at it carefully, enjoy the show but try to look at it as an external spectator, look almost at the background and focus what's going on between the lines as the accuracy of the history here, that after the dramatization for the aim of the entertainment, you will be able to connect that period with our modern time. Obviously, if you can bear the differences between technologies, fashions, culture and other little details, after eliminated all those distractions you will see the picture of our modern time. Try to change faces to faces and events with events. Nothing will be a spoiler here only the fact that after all, as in many has tried to shout out for almost a century, Hitler or the Furher as you prefer wasn't other also then a marionette in the hands of strong forces acting in the shadow (or what in many calls the lobbies of the power). Also, try to change the word Jews and Bolsheviks with immigrants and refugees and ...
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